Greenness | Audiotrope Live

Greenness | Audiotrope Live

Greenness is the musical project of French singer-songwriter Cess Frangi and English producer and composer Graham Pratt.

Drawing inspiration from hybrid genres, such as trip-hop and folktronica, the music of Greenness aims to create an immersive and emotional experience through the use of various acoustic instruments merged with electronic beats, sound effects, field recordings and evocative bilingual lyrics, in a bid to explore and deepen our connection with ourselves, each other and the environment.

Following the successful launch of two thematic EPs (‘Bicephaly’ in 2016 and ‘Cyclicity’ in 2018), Greenness are now working on their debut album ‘Sunrooms’, set to be released independently this year.

“Electro-acoustic duo Greenness from Brighton are a revelation, with Cess’ awesome voice superbly complemented by Graham’s distinctive guitar work.” – The Morning Star

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