Tom Clarkson


Tom Clarkson is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and spoken word artist from London, and is now based in the coastal town of Hastings. Tom’s music is an astonishingly eclectic fusion of genres, which reflect his diverse artistic background – composing for theatre, playing jazz and arranging close-harmony vocals, traditional music and poetry… even a bit of opera. The resulting musical blend is a production style that is deeply rooted in Hip-Hop and experimental music, that captures the sensitivity of acoustic music, and is layered with lush vocal harmonies.

Tom has a profound love for the elegance of the double bass, a sound world which he incorporates into his compositions, and shares through his live performances. The forthcoming EP Dull Black Ache is a is a lyrical exploration of the increasingly universal human experiences of oscillating mental health, isolation and loneliness – and more importantly – of hope, forgiveness and benevolence. Co-produced with Tom’s long-term musical collaborator Alessandro La Barbera, their second release together establishes an emerging musical style that will satisfy the most ardent of beat-junkies and fans of vocal music alike.


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