Dirt Royal

Dirt Royal are a three piece Rock and Roll band from Brighton

drawing influence from Punk, Indie and Garage Rock resulting in a style of music bursting with energy and melody. They combine satirical lyrics and socio-political subject matter with a catchy chorus and infectious melody.

Performing together since 2013 the band have several releases to their name. In 2014 they released their debut

album ‘This is Now’ with Time For Action Records. The band then went on to release other titles including the ‘Dr Weekend’ & ‘Waiting for the Radio’ EPs.

Dirt Royal are now set to Release their second album ‘Great Expectations’ on the 23rd October featuring their latest single ‘Glory Days’ and soon to be released Single ‘Lose Our Way’ once again working with

Time For Action Records.

Dirt Royal have been a consistent part of the Brighton and

South coast music scene supporting the likes of Sham 69, From The Jam, and 100 Yard Stare amongst other iconic Punk and Indie bands. Dirt Royal have taken their brand on energy packed live performances on tour across the UK and Europe