Young Musicians

We work with young musicians to create step-change towards their individualised goals.

We have created live studio sessions//Rehearsal spaces and time//Live gigs, indoors and outdoors//Hundreds of live steams//
Promotion and marketing at key stages of career//Mentoring and coaching//Interview experience//Careers advice and strategic planning//Mastering of first tracks

Open mic night with the the De La Warr Pavilion showcasing young musicians
Live gig on the Stade Open Space
Live gig in the Crypt Hastings
Live gig at the Observer Building for Curious Agenda Festival
Live gig at the De La Warr Pavilion as part of Bexhill’s Bexfest.
Live pop up events across East Sussex including an early career residency at The Badger
Live promotion opportunities including intimate set at Ruby’s Rooms

We want to help support the creative economy by creating opportunities for young artists.